Your Liquor Runneth Like Water

What’s better than having shelves of top shelf liquor, topped with screened bottle pourers for easy access? How about top shelf liquor – or well liquor, if that’s your thing – pouring, perfectly measured, into drinks with the touch of a button? No, I’m not talking Jetson’s or Futurama here – I’m talking about the SideBar Electronic Liquor Dispensing System – the ultimate addition to your home bar.

SideBar Electronic Liquor Dispensing System

Ideal for home bars, boats, planes, RVs, limos and outdoor kitchens, the SideBar serves up to 5 of your favorite spirits, electronically, at the touch of a SideBar Liquor Dispenserbutton. Never mess with jiggers, pourers or bottle caps again. Your liquor runs like water through the SideBar faucet, right into your glass or shaker. No more spills, no more weak or overdone cocktails, just pure bar savvy, right in your own home.

This compact liquor dispenser arrives at your door fully assembled, pre-plumbed, wired and ready for installation. You can keep your spirits under your bar counter or even in a secure location up to 10-feet away – just program each of the buttons to dispense which liquor you choose, at whatever measured increments you like. Prefer to have vodka pour shot by shot, but desire to have your whiskey pour until you say stop? Set it up how you wish – it’s all up to you.

Let’s break it down. Your SideBar Electronic Liquor Dispenser:

  • Is ideal for entertaining indoors or out, wherever you have your bar
  • Arrives completely assembled, including plumbing and wiring
  • Features a lighted keypad with interchangeable labels, so you can even pour perfect drinks in the dark
  • Offers 5 separate impeller pumps and tubes to prevent liquor mixing
  • Can be programmed to dispense different pre-measured amounts for each of the 5 pumps

I know what you’re thinking here. How could the SideBar Liquor Dispenser get any better? Well, my friends, not only can you have liquor pouring from a faucet, but you can bling out the faucet itself. If the standard black or white spout and base just won’t do, you can upgrade to a brass or chrome spout to complete your swanky, 007-esque system.

Perhaps the best part – besides your liquor flowing like water at your bar – of the SideBar Dispensing System, is the price. Sleek, electronic, futuristic home bar tending is yours for under $500.

Check it out, and turn your bar into the best on the block.



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