Signs of the Apocalypse: Wine for Cats Is a Thing That Exists

This world needs lots of things: sustainable energy, a way to establish long-lasting peace, food for an ever-growing global population, wine for cats…wait. Wine for cats? Yeah, you’re right. That shouldn’t be on the list…because thankfully it already exists!

As reported by various outlets like Time and Kotaku, Japanese company B&H Lifes has recently rolled out Nyan Nyan Nouveau which roughly translates to “Meow Meow Wine” because of course it does.

Bottles of Nyan Nyan Noveau

Yep, this is real. Hope you still have your Y2K shelters ready. (Photo via

Is this real life? Yes, this is real life.

Wine Cat

“Meow meowwwww.” (Translation: I’m drunnnnk.) (Photo via

Apparently, Nyan Nyan Noveau doesn’t contain any actual “wine” but is a mixture of grape juice from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C, and catnip. Sounds pretty delicious. If you’re a cat. Although to be fair if I was a cat, I’d be all about just about anything that has catnip in it.

B&H Lifes is only producing about 1,000 bottles of this crime against nature, so you’ll probably never actually get your hands on the stuff. But that’s OK. You can settle for the same old routine of drinking a box of Franzia while Fluffy goes Bob Marley on a pile of catnip that isn’t soaked in grape juice. Somehow, I think you’ll both survive just fine…

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