Simpsons Bar Gear in Time for the Movie

In honor of my all-time favorite TV show making the leap to the silver screen, I’d like to highlight a few nifty Simpsons related products available here at KegWorks.

Flaming Moe Pint GlassThe first item is based on “Flaming Moe’s,” which ranks pretty high in the pantheon of all-time great Simpsons episodes. Highlights include the spoof of the Cheers opening theme, Moe’s assertion that “Increased job satisfaction and family togetherness are poison for a purveyor of mind-numbing intoxicants like myself,” and Bart’s crank-call-gone-wrong when Hugh Jass actually takes his call.

This Flaming Moe’s recipe pint glass captures the spirit Homer Simpson Ice Cubesof the show with a nifty, full color graphic of Moe the bartender and a series of Simpsons related cocktail recipes, including the titular Flaming Moe. It’s definitely an item any Simpsons fan should have in their collection, so get it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Obviously the glass is great for a cold beer, but if you are mixing cocktails in it you need to complete your Simpsons themed drink experience with some Homer Simpson shaped ice cubes. You’re not a true Simpsons fan until you have Homer’s head slowly melting in your cocktail. Seriously though, these cubes are a fun accent to your drink and a good conversation starter at a party. Simpsons fans will be coming out of the woodwork to peer into your glass and trade classic quotes from the show.

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