Smoke ‘em If You’ve Got ‘em

As I promised last week, I am going to share the story of our first rare-find smoke with all of you. Here goes:

I was in Florida in the year 2000 visiting my Aunt in Boca Raton. The only way my mother and the other girls would get me to venture out with them in the afternoon on their shopping sprees was to promise to take me to the cigar shops I wanted to visit along the way. Little did they know the research I put into these afternoons. I would have a nice listing of all the shops I wanted to hit, and I had already called ahead to verify their hours.

Well, on one afternoon, as we were heading back after a long day out in the heat and shopping I noticed a sign in a plaza that advertised a cigar shop. So, of course I break the rare silence in the car (anyone who has dared to venture out on one of the shopping trips I am talking about knows how rare these “rare Arturo Fuentesilences” really are) to point out the cigar shop. Reluctantly, we pull into the plaza and find the shop behind the plaza. It looks like it is closed – I must physically… get out and check the door lest I am tricked by those not wanting to wait for me.

Most certainly the shop is open! So as I am wandering around the walk-in humidor and happen to find nothing interesting that I can’t get in Buffalo, when on my way out when I decide to reach into a box above my head. The box is not labeled, so I have no idea what is in there. There are three smokes that I can feel in the box, so I pull two out. They are Fuente Robustos, upon further inspection I notice something else written on the band – Anejo. What is this? No idea. However, I have never seen it before, so I buy them, call my friend in Buffalo and tell him what I happened upon.

He seems to know what they are because he can’t believe I found them. This was their first year out and they are the same blend as the Opus X, only they have a Maduro wrapper. Well, to find out later these smokes only come out once a year (in fact they just came out a couple of weeks ago). Well, after aging for eight years in our humidors, we fired these smokes up on Monday night, as my friend is getting married this Saturday. All I can say is that they were worth the wait; they burned perfectly, strong white ash and a nice spice to them that is not common among the newer versions. I am hoping he has a kid quick so we can smoke one of the other specialties soon!


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