Smuttynose Robust Porter and Brunch

This past Sunday was Father’s Day and since both my best friend and I lost our fathers a few years ago, we decided to enjoy a beer and brunch together. I suggested Shango, as it’s relatively close to her house, she hadn’t yet tried their delicious morning menu and their beer list is spot on.

Smuttynose Robust Porter

Margaret decided to start with one of my all-time favorites, La Fin du Monde, while I was feeling more of a coffee-esque brew. I chose Smuttynose Robust Porter knowing that it would fit the bill.

Deep, dark, chocolaty brown with a finger of tan, creamy head. The head dissipates rather quickly but leaves some delicate lacing behind.

Roasted, smokey malt plays a huge part in the aroma, backed by the coffee I was expecting and looking for.

Up front, coffee and roasty chocolate is the star, followed by an unexpected but pleasant hoppy bitterness. What a well balanced porter! Honestly, Smuttynose really outdid themselves here. The hops really keep the brew from being too sweet or cloying. There’s a nice smokiness throughout as well.

Medium-full body with a moderate amount of carbonation leaves the brew creamy without being syrupy.

Robust Porter is positively delicious. I highly recommend it, whether for brunch or any other time of day. Hats of to Smuttynose!

To everyone in the Buffalo, NY area, if you haven’t been to Shango for brunch, do yourselves a favor and hit it up some Sunday. Make sure you grab a cup of the gumbo, too!


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