Some Beer Pictures Are Worth 10,000 Words

Let me start off by confessing that not only did I not take this picture but I have no idea who this gentleman is. This photo simply came up as a result in a google search but I absolutely love it and I wanted to share.

Art Beer Photos

Unibroue is one of my very favorite breweries and La Fin Du Monde is a fantastic triple-style golden ale. Its name is French and translated, means “The End of the World” – and not for anything, the guy in this picture looks like he’s more or less prepared for the end of the world. Either that or he just survived it.

After coming across that picture, I decided to check out Flickr and search for cool craft beer photos. I came across this photostream, belonging to Aubrey Laurence (you can follow him on Twitter @AubreyLaurence ) – and I was really into his stuff.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Art Beer Photos

Art Beer Photos

Art Beer Photos

I did a little more Flickr exploring and found another incredible photostream from the user Osvaldo_Zoom – he didn’t have as many beer photos but I was very into his stuff, including this one.

Art Beer Photos

If you come across any awesome beer pictures, feel free to send them my way.


  • Knile November 3, 2010 @ 10:15am

    Kim in Rochester (@shotbykim on Twitter) has a great site:

  • Peter November 3, 2010 @ 1:32pm

    Isn’t that Nick Nolte in the 1st pic?

  • Hannah November 3, 2010 @ 1:43pm

    Peter – I thought so at first too, but now I’m not so sure…

  • Hannah November 4, 2010 @ 12:43pm

    I really love the last photo because the whole scene exists also in the stem of the glass. Kudos to the photographer!

  • bobv November 11, 2010 @ 2:09am

    Strange, but true: the Nick Nolte look-alike lives in VT. His girlfriend’s son came into Stowe Beverage where I work today and could not believe his eyes. I had printed the photo and put it on the counter and all day long told customers it was in fact Nick Nolte, most agreed, until Nate walked in…he called the guy in question and sure enough the picture was taken in Quebec in Oct.!!!

  • bobv November 11, 2010 @ 2:13am

    Nate e-mailed me the 100% color version so I know he’s truthful. Wow!

  • nate November 11, 2010 @ 8:06am

    the man in the photo is John Douglas form Burlington Vt. The photo was taken by my mom, Bobbie Lanahan. I walked into my local liquor store and the clerk had this photo printed out behind the counter. Small world.

  • Hannah November 11, 2010 @ 9:57am

    BobV, Nate – wow! small world indeed! Thanks for letting us know and settling the dispute!

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