Someone Read My Diary: Cocktail Chocolates Are Here!

Hachez Cocktail Chocolates

Some stuff just goes together. Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and Coke. Chicken wings and hot sauce. You get the idea. These things make so much sense that they just kind of seem like they were engineered for one another.

But then there’s the stuff that seems like a mad accident. The stuff that you wouldn’t have thought you could find a way to smush together successfully, but when you get a taste? Yep, you’re a convert.

I’m pretty sure the latter is the case with our new two new products from German chocolatier, Hachez. Piña colada and chocolate? Mojito and chocolate? I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t have thought of it. But, shit damn wow am I happy that somebody did. Here’s a taste breakdown:

Hachez Taler Piña Colada Cocktail Chocolates – Let’s just say that this has quickly become the official chocolate of anyone who’s tired of their lady because they’ve been together too long. If you like getting caught in the rain, this is the mouth-melter you’ve been after. The chocolate hugs the creamy center and when you bite into it you might as well be making love in the dunes of the cape. Seriously, it seems like some sort of black magic that Hachez was able to replicate the coconutty, pineappley goodness of a piña colada into cream form. Let’s hope they continue to use those powers for good.

Hachez Taler Mojito Cocktail Chocolates – I don’t know what percentage of Americans ever go to Cuba, but I know it’s not high. Luckily, you can stop pouting and enjoy these mojito chocolates instead. First off, let’s talk about a mojito. I mean, you want to point to some tastes that you wouldn’t think would go together? I think we can safely start with “lime” and “mint.” But some enterprising mixologist long ago rang that bell and thankfully, it can never be unrung. So it was up to Hachez to give us a way to enjoy that particular taste sensation on the go, and those German sons of guns really outdid themselves. One bite and you’ll be shouting “¡Viva la revolución!” Or “Yum!” Pretty much the same thing though.

Now, let me be clear about one thing. There is no actual alcohol in these chocolates. They are simply designed (and quite successfully so) to taste like your favorite potent island cocktails. So you don’t have to worry about Junior accidentally uncovering your stash.

So if you like cocktails, or chocolate, or indulgence in general, or being happy, or something that reminds you of Girl Scout cookies for adults, you’ve come to the right place. Order up some Hachez Taler Cocktail Chocolates today and prepare to be delighted. (Also, prepare to get fat because these things are addictive. You’ve been warned…)

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