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Jay Brooks used to be the General Manager for Celebrator Beer News. Now he’s a full-time dad who writes for pretty much every notable beer publication in existence. He still does pieces for the Celebrator, runs his own beer blog called Brookston Beer Bulletin, writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, and also took over the Bottoms Up blog in the Oakland Tribune. He has a regular column called The Left Coaster in Ale Street News and another column called The Craftsman in Modern Brewery Age. He’s done features for Beer Advocate, Beer NW, DRAFT and countless other magazines and blogs. This is a guy who really knows his beer.

I recently subscribed to his blog and I rather enjoy it. He writes in a way that makes you want to sit down and have a beer with him. Some of his articles are serious while a lot of the content is fun (I particularly like the vintage beer ads and wide array of beer quotes, many of which I’m reading for the first time.) When you’re all done reading the latest KegWorks post(s), I suggest checking it out.


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