South African Music Festival Enlists a New Weapon in the War on Thirst

It is not the business of this blog to get into political debates. We are not Republican or Democrat. We are not pro-choice or pro-life. We offer no opinion on foreign or domestic affairs. In fact, the only war we’re interested in is the War on Thirst. But we take that very, very seriously.

Apparently, so do the organizers of South African music festival OppiKoppi. This festival, which attracts thousands of music-loving attendees each year, is widely credited as being the driving force behind South Africa’s late ‘90s rock and roll revival. And much like more widely known festivals (think Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo), OppiKoppi is basically just a giant, rollicking party with tons of great music and scores of people trying to kick off the shackles of their day-to-day lives, get loose, and have a booze-fueled good time that they’ll only kind of remember.

To that end, the festival organizers have struck upon an idea that’s a true revolution in the War on Thirst: beer drones. Yes, the same controversial technology that’s currently the focus of contentious debate in human rights circles is being employed for this much less divisive initiative. I mean, who doesn’t love beer, robots, flying things, or unholy combinations of all three of those things?

Check it out:

Now obviously, this system has some wrinkles to work out. How do you make it cost-effective? How do you ensure that the beer gets to the right person in a potential crowd of thousands? How do you get drunk people to not get plunked in the head?

But here’s the number one question…How do you care about any of those problems when you’re being confronted with the mind-boggling awesomeness of having a beer dropped in your lap like the world’s tastiest raindrop? Kudos OppiKoppi. You are a true innovator in our quest to abolish the horrors of thirst once and for all. We salute you!

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