Southern Tier Cuvée 2

Souther Tier Cuvee 2

I randomly came across this beer on Southern Tier’s site. No sooner than I read the description did I set my IM status to “away” and embark on a quick trip to Premier Gourmet to see if I could get my hands on some. As luck would have it, there was but one bottle left, just waiting for me to take home.

Cuvée 2, aged in American oak barrels, pours a beautifully deep amber color, near burnt orange. My first glass did not have much in the way of head, but the second I poured gave me a finger of frothy white goodness… I have a feeling my glass was not “beer clean,” which would account for the lack of head in my initial pour.

Its aroma was very sweet. I noticed quite a bit of honey in the nose, with a hint of vanilla. I was salivating for a taste. Taking a hearty sip, I was treated to flavors of sweet honey, something like butterscotch, a tinge of vanilla and a somewhat flowery kick of hops. Quite creamy, its light carbonation was just enough to keep it very drinkable but not take away from its medium mouthfeel.

Souther Tier Cuvee 2

Southern Tier Cuvée 2 is classified as an American Strong Ale, which makes a lot of sense at 11% ABV. Buy the time I was through with my 22-ounce bottle, I realized that, although it’s incredibly tasty and smooth, it could not possibly be a session beer for me, without becoming completely inebriated. Instead, Cuvée 2 will be a once-in-a-while treat to share… or enjoy alone.


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