¡Viva España!

Today, I’ve been drinking my coffee and thinking about Spain.

With all the recent celebrity deaths, tensions in North Korea, sketchy elections in Iran, and widespread violence and upheaval elsewhere, it can often be a daunting task to find a little something in the way of news that doesn’t make you wonder if the whole damn world is off their collective rockers.

Bull FightSo, I’m looking for other news… something… anything – as long as it’s a little less dreary and overwhelming compared to what’s been facing us recently… And as I continue scanning the headlines, I’m reminded of the ultimate test of bravado: encierro or, the annual Running of the Bulls, which is going on right now during the Festival of San Fermín in the beautiful city of Pamplona, Spain.

I wouldn’t necessarily throw people who choose to put themselves directly in front of an angry 2,000 lb. horned beast into the same pool as, say, those who choose to fight for the rights of fliesPorron Wine DecanterI mean, in the end, everyone seems to have their own idea about what constitutes “crazy”.

And while it’s very easy for someone to observe this truly unique, cultural tradition and cast judgments ranging from “Now why the hell would someone do that?” to “That’s so cruel to the animals,” I maintain much respect for the established traditions and cultures of others and, true to myself, I’m more than willing to admit that I don’t quite have the cajones to put myself in the path of any pissed off animal.

Given the opportunity to actually visit Spain, I think I’d rather settle for a nice room along the bull running route accompanied by a porron of sangria or red wine, and copious helpings of paella.



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