Spiegelau, Rogue Ales, and Left Hand Brewing Bring You the Stout Glass


Remember those really cool IPA glasses that came out in May of last year? You know, the ones made by Spiegelau and designed by Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada? Well, the German Glass giants over at Spiegelau have done it again with a remarkable set of stout glasses.

Spiegelau Stout Beer Glasses

This time around, the engineers at Spiegelau teamed up with a couple of America’s finest stout brewers – Left Hand Brewing Co. and Rogue Ales.

Spiegelau Stout Glasses Side by Side

Spiegelau and many members from both breweries conducted months of design and tasting workshops, ultimately landing on the design you see here today. The shape of the glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee, and chocolate notes that define the Stout beer style, while maintaining the functional design characteristics Spiegelau beer glassware has become known for.

Stout Glass in Action

I have a feeling that some of you might see this as a money grab from Spiegelau, and maybe even from Left Hand and Rouge. I can understand that. A part of me thought that when the IPA glasses first came out. I’ll tell you when I changed my mind: as soon as I tried one myself. One afternoon, shortly after they were released, I had two of the same IPA – one out of a standard pint glass, and another out of the IPA glass. The difference was stark.

Further, I have a close friend – whom I’ve blogged about  in the past – who is a huge beer geek, and he’s all about his IPAs. He’s also rather pessimistic and a big time doubter of almost everything. Needless to say, he doubted the IPA glass. When I told him about the glasses, he said he wasn’t at all interested in trying them. I said screw it, and got him a set for Christmas last year anyway. He doesn’t drink his IPAs out of anything else now, and he’s bought at least three sets for other beer-loving friends.

Now, if even that doesn’t convince you, watch this video below. You might not take it from me or my buddy, but you might be swayed by the likes of Rogue President, Brett Joyce, Eric Wallace, the President and co-founder of Left Hand, Ro Guenzel, Left Hand’s Head Brewer, and John Maier, Brewmaster at Rouge.

Oh yeah, and if you’d like to buy a set, check out this link, or click on the box below. And don’t wait, if the IPA glasses taught us anything, it’s that these glass will go quickly.

Spiegelau Stout Beer Glass Set

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