Spotlight: Brooklyn Brine

We’ve been carrying products from Brooklyn Brine for some time now. We’ve got ultra-flavorful pickles that feature unique ingredients like hops or bourbon. We’ve got sauerkraut that was aged in a whiskey-barrel. And now we’ve got spicy, crunchy Chipotle Carrots and zesty, snappy Moroccan Pickled Beans. Add any of these items to the relish tray at your next party and get ready for people to be impressed! Click on any picture to order yours today.

1. Chipotle Carrots

BB Carrots

2. Moroccan Pickled Beans

BB Beans

3. Whiskey Barrel Sauerkraut

BB Kraut

4. Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles

BB Bourbon

5. Hop Pickles

BB Hop

6. Whiskey Sour Pickles

BB Whiskey Sour

7. Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles

BB Maple

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