Spring Cleaning: No One Likes Dirty Beer lines

Whether you have a draft beer system at home or you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you’re doing yourself and your beer a great disservice if you’re not keeping your beer lines clean. I know from experience how badly beer can taste when lines aren’t cleaned after every half-keg or so – I even stopped drinking draft beer at one of the pubs I frequented because of the sorry state of their beer lines.

I think most of the time lines are left dirty because people aren’t sure how to go about cleaning them, or they think it’s too hard to do and figure they’ll just let their beer suffer. If your draft beer tastes funky or pours foamy, it’s about time to give your system a good scrub down… in fact, it’s probably been that time for a while.

Cleaning your beer lines is way easier than you think and will help you to keep your draft system in top shape for years to come. Watch this 3-minute video to see just how easy it is, using our Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit:

See how easy that was? Now, I know you might not always have a computer on hand to watch the video while cleaning your lines, so we’ve prepared this printable PDF of step-by-step line cleaning instructions.

Honestly, give it a shot. Just 20 minutes and your beer and draft system will thank you for it, not to mention all the people who enjoy your draft beer (like you).


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