Spring for Beer

I know what you need. You need draft beer, on tap, in your very own home. That’s right… free flowing draft beer, any time you want it, in the comfort of your living room, or porch, or wherever it is you like to sip delicious draft beer. What better time than Spring to convert an old fridge or freezer into a kegerator? Do it now, and you’ll have it all summer long… not to mention for the rest of the year and every year after.

Not sure what it takes to get draft beer at home? Not looking to spend a load of cash to get it? I’ve got the perfect solution, and install tips to boot. A kegerator conversion kit is the cost effective way to get what you want, and get it now. And it’s easier than you think… check out our instructional video on how to convert a refrigerator into a keg fridge:

Now that you know how easy it is, what are you waiting for? Still weary and in need of more info on draft beer at home? Check out KegWorks Community, our new home bar and draft beer help section, and get what you want on tap.


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