Springtime Nibbles and Sips: Maibock and Food Pairings

Maibock and Shrimp

Maibock is a German beer that is specifically brewed for Spring as a paler version of a Bock, yet with all of the alcohol intensity. It’s malty-sweet flavor and golden (sometimes amber) color completely embodies all that is growth and rebirth. I couldn’t imagine welcoming Spring another way.

What should you be nibbling on along with your Maibock this season? If you’re looking to keep it simple, I recommend a honey ham sandwich with a slice of Gruyere cheese. But, if you prefer more of a meal than a snack, you can’t go wrong with roasted pork. Stuff or top your pork with apples, add a side of potato dumplings or pancakes and you’ve got a perfect match to your Maibock.

If seafood is more your style, Maibock has got you covered there, too. Fresh shrimp, lobster, crab and steamed mussels all pair very well and don’t be afraid to go spicy with the food here – Maibock is a great compliment. But don’t stop at dinner! Maibock pairs well with carrot cake or any spiced pastry.

Want to start trying some Maibocks but don’t know where to start? Try Deron’s list of top 5 Maibocks. He’s got a great description of their characteristics and a list of brews I also recommend trying this Spring.



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