St. Bernard Bourbon Barrel

I remember growing up and seeing cartoons of St. Bernards coming to care for cold, weary travelers, armed with a barrel full of bourbon on their collars. I admit that while I really am against dressing dogs, the bourbon barrel collar is one accessory I can totally stand behind. I mean, c’mon. It’s a classic.

St. Bernard Bourbon Barrel Collar
Bernie, our Commercial Sales Director’s loving St. Bernard modeling the barrel collar

I’m not saying you should fill the barrel with bourbon, although it’s an idea, but I’d moreso worry about your dog’s comfort than whether or not he can bring you whiskey.

It’s not to say that you couldn’t fill the barrel with your spirit of choice; it’s fully functioning, complete with spigot, and made from authentic oak that will age bourbon or whatever else you might be so inclined to pour in there.

Choose from ½-liter or 1-liter sizes with brass, black steel or galvanized steel bands, depending on your style and the size of your dog (maybe you want a bourbon barrel dog collar for your border collie, who knows?)

Seriously, besides itty-bitty pups, what dog wouldn’t look rad in one of these?


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  • Laura November 17, 2015 @ 4:40pm

    I need a barrel by Chirstmas for my dog to put a gift in do i have the right place or can you refer someone thank you

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