St. Louis Cardinals Beer Vendors Hit the Road for the World Series

The beer vendors at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, don’t just work baseball. They love the game. Not content with watching their beloved team play World Series away games on TV, four of the Cardinals’ own beer vendors are headed to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to cheer on their team and make some cash.

Unbeknownst to Rangers fans, the St. Louis beer vendors (Tony Rowland, David Agnew, Carlos Wells and Darrell Dixon) were assigned to serve cold, frosty brews to fans in Section 9, right behind 3rd base. I wonder, had the Rangers fans seated there known, if they would’ve looked to buy their beer from local vendors.

Either way, the four vendors sold their wares and made more than enough money to cover their entire trip, all while being able to see their Cardinals live and in person.

Now that’s intelligent dedication.


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