St. Patty’s Day is Coming!

The Luck O’ the Irish, Erin go Braugh, Kiss me I’m Irish! and all of the rest will be on the tip of everyone’s tongues for the next couple of weeks. That’s right, it’s St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, the day when everyone is Irish. Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Is it more than just so the rest of country can get as pig drunk as a Southie from Boston is on a Tuesday morning before 9:30? Maybe yes, maybe no, but let’s not concentrate on that.

Most of you out there are probably going to drink more Guinness on that day than you will the rest of the entire year. If that is the case you are truly missing out on a great tasting beer. In addition to Guinness you should try to drink at least one new beer every time you go out that you have never had before.

If you are looking for great ways to celebrate St. Patty’s day you should see how they do it in Dublin. More to come…

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