From Our Warehouse to Your Computer Screen – How New KegWorks Products End Up Online

We’re constantly adding exciting new products to our website. Whether it’s draft beer equipment, an incredible cocktail mixer or some kind of crazy t-shirt, there’s a whole process that happens behind the scenes. Before an item can achieve website status it’s carefully selected, tested out, photographed, described and reviewed for quality.

GergTake this stainless steel straw for example. As a Marketing team, we’re smart enough to know that we can’t make it anything other than a straw – but we try damn hard to give you an honest and accurate idea of what kind of straw it is. As it turns out, this one is pretty awesome.

This is Greg (known on the blog as “Gerg”). Greg is key player when it comes to getting products on the site. One of his many duties is to take product photos, so you know exactly what you’re buying. It’s not as simple as pointing the camera at a straw and snapping a photo though – this guy has talent! In order to capture the real essence of the stainless steel straws, he made delicious milkshakes and root beer floats and recruited some fellow KegWorkers to partake in the shoot.

Stainless Steel Straws Photo Shoot

This photo shows Greg working his photographic magic. To the right you see Pete, one of the purchasing guys, our resident draft system expert and the official KegWorks model. Look around long enough and you’ll see his charming good looks all over the website!

LizThe head of hair you see on the left is yours truly (known on the blog as “Liz”) and I am the KegWorks copywriter. It’s my job to explain the straws in great detail and answer any questions that you might have in the product description.

Don’t worry- I am very qualified to write about these straws, as I drank an entire float through one right before I sat down to do tell you about them. I can honestly say that it’s not an ordinary straw. The stainless steel takes whatever you’re drinking and makes it a whole new kind of cold. When you’re dealing with frozen drinks, it’s quite an improvement. As strange as it sounds, there’s something to say about the mouth feel of the steel as well. It’s an entirely different way of drinking.

After the pictures and the description are all set, we load all of that information into the back-end of the site, have it reviewed for accuracy and then set it live so you can find it on our What’s New page.

There you have it folks, a stainless steel straw’s journey from KegWorks to you.


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  • Peter November 2, 2009 @ 4:27pm

    Thanks for putting up such a great picture of me.

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