Stale Beer Smell? Feed It to a Microbe


The 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest begins tomorrow in Munich, and although festival-goers will be experiencing much of the same fun they have for years now, there’s a new guest invited to the party.

Enter Elbomex, a beer-stench eating microbe. According to BBC News, the bacteria will be poured over festival beer tent floorboards to eliminate the stench of beer… especially since the smoking ban is going into effect. Apparently now that cigarettes aren’t welcome, the stink of dropped and mishandled beer is too much to bear.

Cheers to innovation! If anyone reading this is heading to Munich for the celebration this year, let us know if the little odor-eaters seem to work – I can think of a few pubs around here that could use some help in the stench department too.


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