Starbucks Tests New Stout-Inspired Latte


What are the words you use to describe a stout? Creamy? Rich? Dark? Delicious? All of the above?


OK, now let’s play the same game with a steaming foamy latte. Pretty much the same list of words right?


Apparently, someone at Starbucks (America’s favorite purveyor of caffeinated bliss) had this lightbulb moment and thought to themselves, “Hmmmm. Interesting…”

And the result is the new Dark Barrel Latte, a latte that’s specially designed and crafted to emulate the taste of a thick, foamy stout.

Currently, Starbucks is only offering this concoction at select locations in Florida and Ohio, but if all goes according to plan, you’ll likely find it at a ‘Bucks near you before too long.

So, what do you think? Is a Guinness-inspired latte a type of caffeinated treat that you’ll seek out to catch a non-alcoholic buzz? Or do you view this as an ungodly abomination that’s a waste of good (espresso) beans? Let us know!

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