Stop the Hate: St. Paddy’s Day Edition

St. Patrick's River

Well that was a long weekend. I mean, not nearly long enough really, but at some point, you’ve got to put your hands up and say, “Hey…that’s enough green beer.”

Yeah, St. Patrick’s Day Weekend is always a raucous affair filled with the kind of revelry that brings the weak-livered to their knees. It’s all about what I like to call the Big 3 P’s: Parades, Parties, and People Who Are Not Sober.

But all that is behind us (unless you live in one of the big cities that has their parade today), and today is the day itself: St. Patrick’s Day. A day for family, a day for Irish pride, a day for corned beef and cabbage. What’s not to like?

It’s not hard to click around the Internet today and find all kinds of listicles decrying all of this stuff. “Corned beef and cabbage isn’t an Irish dish,” “St. Patrick was Scottish and his color was blue not green,” “March 17th is the day St. Paddy died. What a morbid day to celebrate.”

Uh, hey annoying people? Shut up. Let the people party!

St. Pats Girls
We get it. It’s a holiday that maybe has evolved beyond its origins a bit. And of course, that’s never happened before, right? I mean, you know, Santa Claus was Mary’s OB/GYN. St. Valentine gave his girlfriend a book of Love Coupons and some Russell Stover chocolates. The Easter Bunny…well, you get the idea.

Why bother nitpicking? Why bother trying to derail the fun? It’s been a long winter and people just want to kick back, have a few pints of Black Gold, and cut loose a little bit. Is that so wrong?

So, if you had one hell of a weekend and you plan on following it up tonight with just a little bit more St. Patrick’s partying, we say…good for you. May the luck of the Irish be with you!


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