Stout Misconceptions

Dave just sent me a link to this article in The New York Times by Eric Asimov, and the introductory paragraph really grabbed my attention:

“People get stuck on the word stout. It confuses, the way it connotes size and fleshiness. And the color, too — inky, impenetrable black — suggests mass and power. As a result, many people think stout is a formidable blockbuster of an ale, heavy and alcoholic, just the way they assume darker roasts of coffee have more caffeine than lighter roasts. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

As the manager of a local coffee shop during my college years, and a woman who loves all stout brews, including my favorite go-to beer Guinness, I know these misconceptions well… and I thank Mr. Asimov for trying to set the masses straight.

Damn, now I need to pick up more Guinness. Thanks, Dave 🙂


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