No Cold Beer Sold Here

No Cold Beer Sold HereThe U.S. has a strange patchwork of alcohol sales laws that vary by state and county from anything goes anytime to completely dry, but I think Indiana has the oddest beer sales law I have ever run across.

Apparently, in the Hoosier state, you can purchase beer at grocery, drug, convenience and liquor stores, but you can only buy cold beer at a liquor store. Of course, the liquor store charges you premium for the privilege of purchasing your beer cold. Check out this article about the cost of buying your beer cold in Indiana.

Also, if you are a Hoosier and don’t like paying more for cold beer, check out the Hoosiers for Beverage Choices site and learn what is being done to update the state’s laws.



  • Rich September 9, 2008 @ 6:06pm

    I moved back home from Phoenix, AZ and really miss the AZ liquor laws. In AZ I could buy a keg on Sunday for my kegerator after 12N. At more than $20.00 less than what I pay here in INDY. I looks to me like there is somewhat of a monopoly here for cold beer/wine sales on any day of the week.

    This law setup doesn’t support our local owned shops.

    Here in Westfield I’m stuck buying from one provider. A provider that is expanding
    more and more. I sure it’s expansion in this economy is from it’s locked out competition.

  • Pete September 12, 2008 @ 10:41am

    Thanks for the comment. I agree limiting sales can only hurt the local economy and in the end don’t make much sense for anyone except those selling cold beer.

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