Studs with Mugs (the Greater Groomsmen Gift)

Pretty much every guy I know who has been in a wedding has received a pocketknife, a watch or a flask as their “thank you for standing up in the wedding” gift. These things all make very thoughtful (and practical) presents but if you’re the type who likes to defy conventions, this Oak Barrel Mug is a little bit different and a whole lot of awesome.

Wooden Barrel Mugs as Groomsmen Gifts

When my friend Louis (the groom on the right) decided to order these mugs for the guys in his wedding party a couple of weeks ago, I had a feeling they might be pleased with his selection. When I heard that he’d acquired a case of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon to fill them with after the rehearsal dinner, I realized just how lucky his wedding party was.

With a capacity of one full liter, these distinctive handcrafted mugs are large enough to catch peoples’ attention and get them talking. Made from premium quality American White Oak that’s been air-dried for two years, they’re crafted without glues or nails – just black steel bands. You should cure them with hot water before use to give the wood a chance to swell (which prevents leaking and limits the amount of alcohol absorbed by the barrel) but other than that, they’re ready for wrapping (and drinking!)

An integral part of the wedding day, the mugs made it into a few photos and took part in the reception as well. As you can see here, Jonathan Mervine (best man and brewer at the previously blogged about Roc Brewing Co.) looks rather pleased.

According to my sources, it might be wise to do a few practice runs before the big day, just to make sure your guys can handle their beer by the liter. If the bartenders at your reception are kind enough to forgo the pint glasses and fill the mugs, it won’t hurt to be prepared.

Congrats to Lou on his gift giving ingenuity, successful wedding and beautiful new wife. Cheers!


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