Quit Blaming the Beer Goggles

We’ve all heard stories like these. Hell, most of us have had stories like these to share (unfortunately). Stories of the morning after…. The morning after you drank far more than you planned, went home with some hot little trick (or big sexy man), and woke up next to… well… not what you remembered going home with. Stories, like these, are divulged to friends with the disclaimer and understanding that “I was drunk,” and “s/he looked hotter when I had a few brews in me,” and are the reason that bar signs like these exist. Well, some of our friends across the pond say that excuse doesn’t cut the mustard.

Beer Goggles

According to a study by Dr. Vincent Egan from the University of Leicester, “overall participants who drank alcohol actually rated all the women in the photos as less attractive (compared to the participants who hadn’t drunk alcohol). This seemingly flies in the face of the commonly held notion of ‘beer goggles.'” (source)

I mean, I was never really a believer in the idea of “beer goggles” but I certainly didn’t think that people under the influence would actually rate peoples’ looks lower than they would while they were sober. Go figure.


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