There is More to Jose Cuervo than You Know

Jose Cuervo 1800 TequilaDowd’s Spirits Notebook is one of my favorite blogs regarding everything related to spirits. He recently posted an interesting article on his visit the LaRojena distillery in Mexico where many of the styles of Jose Cuervo tequila are produced.

Dowd talks about the challenges that Juan-Domingo Beckmann, the heir to the Jose Cuervo empire, faces in educating the masses that there is more to tequila than margaritas and shots with salt and lime.

Beckmann likes to illustrate just how tastes can be modified once someone experiences a spirit different from their usual choice by sharing an anecdote about being in a bar and overhearing a women order a vodka and cranberry juice.

“I asked her if she had ever tried that with tequila instead of vodka,” he said, “She said no, she didn’t like tequila. So, I suggested she try a Platino and cranberry. She loved it!”

When I am in the mood for something different, I personally prefer to sip a Corazón Tequila Añejo or a Cuervo 1800 (minus the salt and lime) like a single malt.



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