Summer: A Time of Festivals

I think I’m finally coming to the slow realization that Summer might be one of the best seasons of the year. Sure the sweltering heat and the mosquitoes aren’t my favorite, but there has always been so much to do. So, Fall, I officially give you second place in my seasons contest. Don’t try to dissuade me with your gorgeous leaves, low humidity and crisper temperatures, Summer is the season of festivals!

Wine Festival CostumesAs festivals go, there are a ton of great ones! The Watkins Glen Wine Festival this year on July 16-18th, for example, has a Toga party on Friday night before the tastings on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not going to incriminate anyone with photos of anyone I know, but not everyone necessarily dresses in a Toga. Some opt for more unusual costumes such as the knights from the Holy Grail. If you want to get in on the action and either feel a bit more modest, or fun/ridiculous go for an unusual costume, like a beer keg, or even a nurse’s outfit. I don’t think anyone will throw you out with costumes like these!

Keg Costume

So go forth, and find festivals! Let me know if there are ones that you like and maybe I’ll see you there!


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