Better Draft Beer Begins Here

No matter where you enjoy your draft beer this summer, you need to keep it cold.

From your basement bar to a backyard BBQ, beer that is stored and served at the right temperature looks clearer, stays fresher longer, pours with less foam and tastes incredible. Whether you prefer to rock a keg, jockey box, growler or whatever, we’ve got the goods to keep your beer cold and your party going strong.

Summer Draft Beer - Keep It ColdSummer Draft Beer Tips

  • Kegerators should maintain a cool temperature of 36 – 40°F
  • Keep your keg and pump in the shade to help eliminate foam
  • Regular thermometer readings go a long way – check the fridge and liquid temperatures for your most accurate results
  • A keg of beer stays fresh for up to a month when kept cold and pressurized, even outside – keep it iced and insulated, and it’s sure to last

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for your summer soirées – I know they will for me, especially this coming week! As of 5pm tonight, I’m off to sit poolside. I’ll be sure to down more than a few cold, crisp pints while I’m away. Until then…



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