Switch Up the Beer You Serve

Stuck in a rut? You don’t always have to serve the same beer at home. Give Guinness a try this week, and Boddingtons the next. We’ve got couplers for any flavor, so it’s easy to mix it up with KegWorks.

US Sankey Keg CouplerLooking to have some American or Canadian beer on tap, like Budweiser, Blue Moon, Labatt or Sam Adams? You’ll need a “D” System US Sankey Keg Coupler. This style coupler works with 99% of US and Canadian brews. It’s by far the most popular sankey.

Perhaps you would prefer Amstel, Bemish, Murphy’s or Newcastle? To serve those brews and more, you’ll need an “S” System European Sankey Keg Coupler. It’s very similar to the US Sankey, but fits most European beers instead.

If Bass, Boddingtons, Fuller’s or Young’s are more your style, pick up a “G” System Bass Ale Keg Coupler. This coupler is even fit for brews from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company.

Now, if you’re like me, nothing beats a dark, creamy Guinness. If you’re looking to have Ireland’s finest on tap, you’ll have to grab a “U” System Guinness Keg Coupler, which fits other great brews as well, like Abby White, Harp, Leffe and more.

Of course, the beers I’ve listed are only a small, select few. Click here for KegWorks’ complete coupler list. Scroll through the table to find what you’d like on tap, and find out which keg coupler you’ll need to make it happen. Stop settling for the same old ale… and switch it up!


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