Tickets Schmikets – Tabbed Wrist Bands Are Better for Beer Fests

Back in July I attended a wine festival that also had a beer garden. For an extra $10 you could sample up to 10 beers. Most festival-type tastings give you a set amount of tickets to comply with regulations set by the governing State Liquor Authority but this particular event gave each paying taster a wristband with numbered pull tabs, which was much smarter if you ask me. In fact, I thought it was so smart I came back to the office and had our purchasing team track some down. Here they are, available in 5-tab and 10-tab wristbands.

Tabbed Wristbands for Beer Festivals and Events

Before I talk about why the wristbands are so great, I should talk about the issues with the ticket system: Not only are they easy to lose, often times the volunteers pouring lose track of who they’ve collected them from or it’s simply too hectic and busy to wait for people to dig around in their pockets and produce them. Another issue is that the people who don’t use all of their tickets (or weren’t asked to give them up) give their extras away to other patrons and the whole goal of tracking/limiting how many samples each person has consumed is undermined.

These wristbands are a much easier, safer and more effective way to keep tabs (pun intended) on how much people are consuming. It’s also easier for those pouring to do their due diligence and play by the rules. There are countless uses for tabbed wristbands but I’d love, love, love to see them replace paper tickets at more beer events. It’s just a suggestion (but a smart and efficient one for sure!)


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