Top Fantasy Draft Picks

OK it’s that time of the season where men are looking for ways to get away and study up for, arguably, what will be the most important thing in their lives for the next 4 months.


Just last night me and several guys from our league met up to do our draft order. It got me to thinking, what are some of KegWorks top fantasy draft picks?

What would you select if you had the 1st pick?

For me it would be our Glastender Triple Tap Keg Refrigerator. Having 3 beers on tap, at home, eliminates any reason to go out for the game.

My 2nd pick would be the Countertop Pizza Oven. Going to need something to eat while drinking all that beer!

Side Bar Electronic Liquor Dispenser3rd pick would be the John Boos Cucina Grandé Kitchen Worktable. Gotta have a place to set the oven!

4th pick would be our SideBar Electronic Beverage Dispensing System. I think this is such a cool product. You can have your favorite cocktail ingredients flow like water at the touch of a button.

And for my 5th pick I’d choose our Scandinavia Beer Mugs with Free Personalization. I’d have my favorite teams boldly displayed on them and make all visiting fans drink from them.

One thing I did forget to mention is all this would go into my man cave, also known as the basement. That way I would not have to come up until the season is over.

Hey Mr. KegWorks, can I work from home until, lets say, first week in February?


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