Tailgating Tales: How I Became the Most Popular Girl in Lot 3

Since I’ve lived in Buffalo, I’ve been a big fan of going to football games – especially the home openers. Not only does the first home game signify a fresh start, Western NY is still warm enough to accommodate outside parties, without parkas, scarves, hats and hot beverages.

Hops Holster Beer Can Ammo Pack

Tailgating has always been fun but since I’ve worked at KegWorks, it’s gotten increasingly better. This year, I purchased aButternuts Moo Thunder Stout Hops Holster Ammo Pack and the 2 Liter Oktoberfest Boot to bring with me.

Who would have thought a twenty-something year old girl with 12 beers strapped to her chest and a couple of cute friends by her side would be so attention-grabbing? I couldn’t walk five feet without someone stopping to ask me where I got my Ammo Pack. I even had a few people ask if they could take my photo. Good thing I brought a whole bunch of cards to hand out.

The best part is, I bought a sampler pack from Butternuts Brewery (they make Pork Slap) – not only did I have 12 beers in my Ammo Pack, they were good beers (until of course, people started asking if they could try one if they replaced it with a Bud Light).

The Boot also proved to be a good time, although we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to fill the full 2 liters. It was pretty intense filled half way.

Oktoberfest Beer Boot

If you want to be the star of your next tailgating party, I’d suggest picking up these items. Also, organize an egg toss game. Until Sunday, I hadn’t participated in one since my dad’s company picnic in 1995 but it was definitely more fun as an adult.

I had nothing to do with this innovative contraption – but I just had to share.

8-person Beer Bong

Despite an embarrassing performance and devastating loss, I still had a great time at the game. Go Bills?


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  • Randy the Janitor September 14, 2010 @ 10:47am

    He goes for the Dallas Cowboys and we’re the Bills and i cant wait to rub this in his face he’s been telling us this for over 10 years about Dallas….well its the BILLS!

    Buffalo all the way this time! 3 times, the third time is a charm. Dallas is going down, Gary. Only Buffalo is going to win it. Dallas is going down. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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