Take a Break in Front of This Vending Machine And Receive a Free Beer

Amstel Interactive Vending Machine

Interactive vending machines are popping up a lot lately. Remember that Molson Canadian beer fridge I told you about last month? It dispenses a frosty brew only to Canadian passport holders. Coca-Cola had the Hug Me vending machine, Pepsi has one, and there have been a plethora of others in recent months.

I understand that they’re all very gimmicky, but I love these things, and apparently the general public does as well. Otherwise, we wouldn’t keep seeing them, right? So, when I saw this newest sentient vending machine from Amstel, I was pretty stoked.

Here’s how it works: In order to extract a beer, one must stand completely still in front of the machine for exactly three minutes. The message is simple and clear – take a break with Amstel.

Amstel interactive vending machine closeup

As a society, we’ve forgotten how to be still, how to take a break – an actual break. When we’re not at work, we’re thinking about work. If we’re not thinking about work, we’re thinking about an errand we have to run, a call we have to return, a news story we have to read up on, or a social network we’ve lost touch with. Amstel is encouraging people to take a real break from all of  this. If they do so successfully, they can enjoy a cold beer.

I understand that many of the craft heads reading this will argue that Amstel is saying nothing about the taste of their beer and distracting consumers from the product itself, but I must respectfully disagree. This message about their brand is simple, yet powerful, subtle, yet strong. They’ve drawn an intimate connection between their brand and relaxation.

AdWeek covered the story at the end of last week, and they hilariously pointed out that Kit Kat is probably kicking themselves for not thinking of this one themselves. Oh well. Take a break, check out the Amstel spot from Bulgaria below, and enjoy!

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