Taps, Taps and More Taps

Last night on a quick pit stop to Von’s Grand City Café, in the heart of Seattle’s shopping district, I fell in love.

In love, that is, with the décor and draft beer selection.

Vons Grand City Cafe

On tap – tons of the best Pacific Northwest local brews, like Mac and Jack’s, Mirror Pond and Maritime. The walls – covered in an eclectic array of beer signs, liquor paraphernalia (my favorite—a vintage Maker’s Mark picture), and tons and tons of tap handles. The walls in the one of the dining areas were completely lined with them! You could find almost any tap handle you could think of.

I think that this would be an absolutely sweet@$$ way to decorate your home bar. And of course, with our ever-growing tap handle inventory, you can. That is, if your wife lets you, of course.


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