Tell Brewtrakr What You're Drinking

As a writer, particularly one who spends much of his time writing about beer, I must say that the website Brewtrakr is pretty genius.

Eric Montz and Luke Mazur (awesome guys who also happen to be from Buffalo, NY) created the "Social Drinking Site" to connect people like me, with people like you – and everyone else out there who loves beer. Turns out there’s a lot of us.

Using Twitter, Brewtrakr asks users to tweet about the beer they’re having, followed by the hashtag #brewtrakr. That way, even non-Twitter users can search for anything with that hashtag, and see what people are saying about different beers.

Brewtrakr Developers

People like to tweet about almost everything they do, making Twitter the perfect medium for this kind of thing.

So next time you’re drinking and tweeting, check out Brewtrakr, tell them what you’re drinking. Use the hashtag #brewtrakr so we can know too.

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