Thanks for Our Best Year Ever

As we roll up to the end of 2007, I wanted to take the time to thank our customers and the team here at KegWorks for our best year ever.

To our Customers – Thank you. We appreciate your confidence in us for you to choose to shop with us. Without you all, I would not be able to work with these great people:

Jm, Tim, Hannah and Liz – our fantastic Marketing group.

William, Shane, Peter and Mike – our patient and knowledgeable Customer Service team.

Gary, Jake, Mike, Jeremy, Willie, Jake and Daniel – our hardworking Warehouse crew.

Chris and Kris – managing sales from other channels.

John and Zak – our boisterous IT guys who keep our site and other systems humming.

Dave – the brains behind it all.

As great as 2007 was, I cannot wait for 2008 to start.

Thanks again.


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