Thanksgiving Libations: What Will You Be Drinking on Thursday?

Thanksgiving is coming and so are the interesting choices of beverages available. I personally like a glass of cranberry wine with my meal, while I have other friends who choose differently. With such a wide variety of food on our plates shouldn’t our palates be craving the same for our choice of drinks?

There are tons of traditional fall drinks that warm us, such as a mulled wine or cider, plenty of fruit and dessert wines, and even a wide variety of holiday craft beers. I even have a friend that has his girlfriend drive to the holiday festivities and has about 3 Monster Ales from Brooklyn Brewery before he walks in the door to “enjoy” the endless ramblings of “when are you two going to settle down,” “when are you two getting married,” or even “when are you guys going to finally have kids.”

We have plenty to be thankful for at these times if we look hard enough, and we certainly have to be thankful for the wide selection of drinks available to enjoy with our families. Which beverages are going to grace your Thanksgiving dinner? Take our poll:

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Best wishes.


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