The 19th Hole Just Got Better!

After a beautiful afternoon spent getting angry, swearing you’ll never play again, and almost breaking a malfunctioning club or two on the golf course, there is nothing like a refreshing beer and a premium cigar on the patio of the 19th hole.

My suggestion, this week, is Belgium’s Stella Artois, a smooth, Euro Pale Lager. Perfect for an afternoon distraction, this beer is on the lighter side, not at all overpowering, and just what you’ll be looking for to quench your thirst after a round of golf.

Butera Royal VintageIn pairing this beer with a cigar you are going to also want to choose something on the lighter side. You’re going to want to stay away from the Hondurans and Nicaraguans, or you’ll never taste the beer.

The smoke you want is the Butera Royal Vintage. While hard to find, it is worth the hunt; Should you find them, I suggest you buy a handful and keep them in your humidor. This smoke is made in the Dominican Republic with Indonesian and Dominican tobacco, and wrapped with a beautiful Connecticut Shade Wrapper. By the looks of this cigar you wouldn’t think there was much to it, however don’t be fooled by the appearance. It pairs perfectly with an ice cold Stella. Does not overpower, but instead, enhanced the citrus undertones of the beer. The Butera Royal Vintage, although mild, has a creamy, sweet taste that makes it impossible to put down.

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