The 2-Tap Converted Keg Fridge, Continued

Yesterday I posted a piece on Jason Wood’s newest addition to his family, a double tap keg fridge he created with a KegWorks conversion kit. This morning, he followed up with an email and some more pictures of the beauty, all tapped and ready to go. I was so happy to read what he had to say:

“I tapped the kegs last night and all is right in the world. Everything worked perfectly and better. I am so impressed with how easy it was to do everything. The few minute video on the site had all the info really needed. I think I spent more time being worried about screwing it up then I did doing it…. It was VERY easy and took me 20mins, most of which was measuring where to drill the holes so I could still use the inside shelves on the door.”

Here’s some pictures of Jason’s finished project. Sure wish we were close enough to stop by and join him for a pint!

Jason Wood Keg Fridge Tapped 1

Jason Wood Keg Fridge Tapped 2

Jason Wood Keg Fridge Pouring

Jason, I cannot thank you enough for passing along all these photos and for giving a customer’s point of view of how EASY converting a fridge to a kegerator can be!

To the rest of you out there who are back and forth on the idea – if you’re worried about whether or not you can actually do it, listen to Jason; 20 minutes and BAM! Cold, delicious beer on tap, in his very own home.



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