The 5 Beer Glasses You Really Need to Own

What you drink your beer from can make or break an experience, and I firmly believe that every good beer lover should have the following on hand at all times. Sure, there are tons of other glasses out there but this fantastic fivesome (which is not a real word) could see you through anything.

1. The Authentic British Style Imperial Pint Glass
Also known as a nonic, this handsome pint glass is etched with the official crown pint seal, letting you know that it’s a real pint that holds a real 20 ounces. It’s great for almost any beer style and designed to hold other beverages Belgian Beer Glasstoo, making it a fantastic addition to any bar or kitchen shelf. Sometimes one wants a nice everyday pint that’s not plastered with the logo of the bar that you stole it from and this guy’s the real deal.

2. A Belgian Beer Glass
A Belgian beer glass makes your Belgian beers smell and taste better. True story. Volatiles are compounds that evaporate from beer to create its aroma – things like hop oils and yeast fermentation byproducts like fruity esters, spices, and alcohol – and the shape of this glass captures and enhances them. It also supports a big, foamy head, and you can smell it better – longer. The lip of the glass pushes the beer right to the middle of your tongue, and that’s where you pick up the most sweetness and flavor. As if that wasn’t enough, the stem on the bottom keeps you from overwarming your beer with your hands. I’m not sure what else you could want from a glass, but if there is something – you’re just being greedy.

3. Your Glass
Whether it’s a big old mug, a goblet or chalice, or your favorite pint glass from college, every beer drinker should have their own glass that is off-limits to everyone else. A favorite glass. A glass that has stories. A glass that you hope never breaks because it would be a real emotional hit. Unfortunately, KegWorks can’t sell you that glass – you have to make it.

4. The Tasting Glass
Sure, you could pour a few ounces into a full size glass and drink it, but you won’t get the full aroma and overall experience. Waiting for it to travel through all of that empty space on its way to you doesn’t come without consequence and it’s better just to have a few tasting glasses on hand. Of course, half pints are always a good option for those who like bigger tastes.

5. A Red Plastic Cup (Preferably Several)
I know, I know… this is not a glass and you don’t think it belongs on this list. It might not be fancy but it is perfect for parties where you don’t have the luxury of doing dishes, drinking outside, tailgating (which is another form of drinking outside), and best of all – you can stomp on it and crush it with your foot if you need to make a really important point. I included it as a reminder to not take beer drinking too seriously all of the time – because sometimes you just need to pour some cold light beer into a red cup.

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