The Barrel-Aged Cocktails Craze

We’ve all heard of barrel-aged spirits, beers and wines, but aging cocktails? This is one of the newest trends in the classic cocktail craze. It started just a few years ago in London with Tony Conigliaro, who began aging the cocktails he mixed in bottles and oak barrels [] and now more and more mixologists around the world are trying it out themselves.

Trendy bartenders are aging cocktails like Manhattans, Sazeracs, Pimm’s Cups and more. What exactly does oak give to a cocktail over time? “Oak not only smoothes the edges of the drink without diluting it the way mixing it with ice does, but it creates its own flavors, all those rich, warm, spicy, fruity and toffee notes we love in whisky or cognac.”

While bottle-aging doesn’t lend external flavor to cocktails, it allows the cocktail’s own ingredients to meld over time, creating a richer, more complex experience. Some bartenders are even further aging their oak-aged cocktail batches in bottles to provide patrons flights of different cocktails as a menu option.

I love all of the new ideas coming out of the classic cocktail revival over these past years. Cheers to the innovative minds in the bar scene. Can’t wait to taste your wares.


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