The Beauty of the Half Pint

This past weekend I visited one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Dinosaur BBQ. I’d just come from a local beer festival and was very well aware of how much belly space I needed for the pulled pork and tomato cucumber salad I was about to order, so I debated ordering the porter they had on tap out loud with my friends. I didn’t want to fill up on beer before I could enjoy one of the world’s finer delicacies – yet I still very much wanted a beer.

That’s when it happened. Our server Monica stepped in and saved the day when she informed me that I could simply order a half pint.

Half Pint of Beer Among Full Pints
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Just like purse hooks on the bar, the option to order a half-sized serving of beer is a major convenience. I am not a very big girl, I can’t drink a ton (especially when I’m enjoying high octane beers), and I fill up much quicker than I’d like to. Coming in somewhere between a tasting glass and the real deal, the wee half pint solves all of my problems. I can try more beers by drinking half of the quantity – and that’s always a good thing.

If you happen own or manage a drinking establishment, I urge you to offer your customers the half-pint pour. It’s a beautiful thing.

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