The "Beer Me" Beer-Fetching Robot

Next in the line of beer-fetching robots is the Beer Me Robot, created by the minds at Willow Garage.

The robot is controlled by Willow Garage’s Beer Me web application, which allows you to choose which beer you want and send the robot to retrieve it for you. If your brew of choice is not available, the robot will report back to you via the application, so that you can make another choice.

It opens the fridge, chooses the correct beer, closes the fridge, brings the beer and even pops the cap before passing it off to you. The roboticists at Willow Garage even added face detection so that the robot won’t drop the beer too early, resulting in (what my friends and I refer to as) a wounded soldier.

Cheers to the Willow Garage team – well played, guys. Interested in other beer-inspired robots? Check out the Brew Bot, created right here in Buffalo, and the beer-pouring robot vying to pick up some bartending shifts.


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