The Best Beer Bar is Your Beer Bar

We’re running an ad in the current issue of Draft Magazine and I wanted to share it with everyone who might not subscribe. I also wanted to share a little bit of the thought that went into creating it.

We wanted to play off of the issue’s theme – which explores, ranks, and identifies the best beer bars out there. We sell home bar equipment obviously – so we thought we’d create an ad that suggests and encourages building your own beer bar (If you haven’t already). A lot of crafty advertisers sell ideas they might not necessarily believe in – but for us, that isn’t really an option. Some of the home bars built by the people here in this office would blow you away. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to build it, what’s in it, or what others think of it – having a bar in your home is a beautiful thing.

That being said, here’s our ad – and a shout out to everyone who has built their beer bar with us over the years. You guys get it – and we like that. Cheers!

The Best Beer Bar is Your Bar

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