The Big 3

The big guys are getting in the craft brew and import market. Some of the new micro brews you see on the shelves at your local beer store might be made by one of the big 3 brewers: Anheuser-Busch, Molson Coors Brewing, and SABMiller. Check out the brand portfolios for each of the American big three. You might be surprised to see who is making and importing what you are drinking.

Anheuser-Busch SAB Miller Brewing Molson Coors

One note: to enter the websites you might have to input an age of over 21 years when prompted by the site. I know this is supposed to protect children and all, but what 10-year-old can’t figure out how to enter an age over 21? [techtags:CRAFT BREWS, MICRO BREWS, ANHEUSER-BUSCH, MOLSON, COORS, MILLER]

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