The Bitter Truth Behind Berg & Hauck’s Cocktail Bitters

Stephen Berg and Alexander Hauck are the former Munich bartenders behind the company The Bitter Truth in Germany.

Berg and Haucks Cocktail Bitters

Over the years we’ve had tons of requests for their products and we wanted more than anything to carry them but some legal complications made that impossible. Their bitters were considered a spirit; not a flavoring (food). For this reason, they could only be sold via distributors or stores with retail liquor permits.

Similarly, some liquor stores are not able to sell bitters brands like Fee Brothers because it’s considered food and they’d need different approvals and licenses.

Mr. Berg & Mr. Hauck didn’t want to keep their delicious concoctions from the US market any longer so they’ve created a brand separate from The Bitter Truth called Berg & Hauck. The bitters are the same delicious flavors, there’s just a little name and registration change involved in getting them to you. They’re registered in the United States as NON-POTABLE so places like KegWorks can sell them.

This friends, is the Bitter Truth. Rejoice and try one of these delicious flavors:

Berg & Hauck’s Old Time Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

Berg & Hauck’s Orange Bitters

Berg & Hauck’s Jerry Thomas Bitters

Berg & Hauck’s Creole Bitters

Berg & Hauck’s Lemon Bitters

Berg & Hauck’s Original Celery Bitters


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