The Blue Monk – Buffalo’s First Belgian Beer Bar

Blue Monk BuffaloI’m usually not a fan of being overwhelmed, however when I’m checking out a draft list that’s overflowing with deliciously rare options and can’t decide what I’d like to drink first, being overwhelmed is a wonderful thing.

As it turns out our hometown’s first (and only) Belgian beer bar, The Blue Monk, has 30 taps and reasonable prices. This could be dangerous.

The brand new bar opened its doors Friday night, however I didn’t have a chance to check it out until Sunday. I walked in not quite sure what to expect and I must admit, I was immediately impressed.

The crowd was a perfect blend of young professionals, hipsters and obvious beer nerds and the place looks great! The classy yet eclectic décor reflects their good taste in beer and the ambiance is everything you’d expect from a finer drinking establishment.

Blue Monk Buffalo

In college one of my closest friends used to play music at Merlin’s, The Blue Monks predecessor. To say that Merlin’s was a “hole” could be the understatement of the century. I once got within 5 feet of the men’s bathroom and was hit so hard by the awful urine stench entrenched in the floors and the walls that I had to go outside until the nausea passed. I’m quite certain that it wasn’t cheap or easy to transform the building but I am very glad that they did.

Blue Monk Buffalo

The draft board lists of 30 impressive selections, including brews from Unibroue, Ommegang, Chimay, Ayinger, Delirium, Great Lakes, North Coast, Dogfish Head, Affligem, Strubbe and more. The bottled list is incredible too but I opted to save that for another day so I wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to have the Victory-Stone-Dogfish Head collaboration beer Saison Du Buff on draft. It quickly took the top spot on my list of favorite farmhouse ales. I couldn’t pass up the Chimay White or Delirium Tremens either, so I had to try them before I left.

Blue Monk Buffalo

They used the right glassware, the waitresses knew their stuff and I didn’t empty out my bank account. I may have discovered my new favorite hangout. Rumor has it there will be a full menu soon but the drinks alone are enough to keep me coming back. After just one visit, I can confidently say that this bar is just exactly what Buffalo beer lovers were thirsty for.

Check out our buddy Deron’s review, including the complete draft and bottle lists.


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