The Book Bar = Awesome

I read a lot of random blogs and thankfully, one of them led me to this; The Book Bar. Basically a bunch of designers lived together and one of their housemates worked at the Stanford library. Apparently the Stanford Library throws out their old books so this group of guys gave the books a second chance at life, put a whole bunch of them together and built a bar for their house.

Stanford Book Bar

Check out the site for a photo gallery of the entire building process.

Kudos, gentlemen. We think you’re pretty awesome and we love your resourcefulness. If you need any bar supplies, let us know. Just make sure to keep our cocktail books ON the shelf for reference.



  • neil gordon July 14, 2010 @ 4:37pm

    Thank God Some one did something with those Books!!!!!Its a sin to throw out books that can be read,re-used,altered etc by atisits and writers!!!!!Good Work Guys!!!!!!

  • Peter Green July 17, 2010 @ 12:46am

    A fabulous idea and anyone who is an avid book reader and a social drinker at home can do it!

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